Feature of our department



1. Promote teaching quality assurance with the PDCA process to achieve the goal of the accounting education of suitable talents.

The University Department adopts three modules of ‘Accounting’, ‘Tax Law’ and ‘Accounting Information’, aiming to train professional talents such as accounting auditors, tax planning and consultants, accounting information system applications and consultants needed by enterprises.

2. Both theory and practice of curriculum design

Build up an ‘virtual laboratory Accounting and Auditing’ and ‘tax-cum-Accounting Advisory Services Center’ with industry standards for industry-university cooperation program integrated into teaching. Implement an off-campus internship system, and cultivate students' practical skills through workplace learning of ‘professional internship’ and ‘enterprise internship’, in order to achieve the learning characteristics of both theory and practice.

3. Promote interdisciplinary learning

There are currently three types of cross-disciplinary courses: ‘Accounting Analysis and Financial Management Course’, ‘Tax Strategy and Insurance Planning Course’ and ‘Accounting and International Business Course’ to enhance students' workplace competitiveness and create accountants' value and differentiation

In addition, the Department of Finance, Department of Business Management, and Department of Insurance jointly offer CFP license counseling courses (financial planning consultants); encourage cross-departmental and diversified learning, respond to the trend of corporate diversified professional needs, and cultivate future industry needs with diversified capabilities and cross-field integration Talents

4. Promote cross-industry learning and respond to industry internationalization

Encourage students to participate in overseas, apply for student exchange programs, expand their horizons, and become international talents in various fields. At the same time, We continue to recruit international students to increase the international reputation of the department

5. Carry forward the spirit of vocational and technical education, counsel students to take various examinations and obtain professional licenses

6. Organize professional activities in specific departments to improve students' English, communication and expression skills

7. Holistic education with emphasis on humanistic quality

8. Teachers actively participate in academic activities

9. Great result and good reputation