Graduation Threshold


(1) Set graduation threshold

Set the "Beginner" and "Intermediate" standards for the English Proficiency University Department.

1. This school has established the "Implementation Measures for the English Proficiency Graduation Index of Chao yang University of Science and Technology". Undergraduate students must pass the preliminary English test before the end of the second semester of the third grade before they can graduate; otherwise, they should study for 36 hours in the fourth grade. "English certification counseling" course, and after the end of the course, take the school’s English proficiency test, and those who pass will be eligible for graduation. The elementary index selected by this department is the level that meets the elementary or equivalent level of the National English Proficiency Assessment Test. Graduate students enrolled in the 1998 school year must pass the Intermediate English Test before graduation. The Intermediate Index is a level that meets the Intermediate Preliminary Test of the National English Proficiency Test or the same level.

2. "Working Education" course compulsory 0 credits. In order to enable students to cherish the environment, learn to use both hands and brains and practice, cultivate the spirit of correct values ​​and work practices, and in the future, to contribute to the industry and serve the social population, special labor education courses are set up. Students must start the second semester of "Working Education" course when they enter the freshman year. Those who do not complete it will not be able to graduate.

(2) Graduation threshold of the School of Management

The graduation threshold of the School of Management College students enrolled in the 98th academic year must pass the "Computer Software Application Grade C" license before they can pass. For the graduate students enrolled in the 98th academic year, they must take the "Advanced Business English" course in the second semester of the first year and pass the "English certification guidance" in the first semester of the second year.

(3) Department sets graduation threshold

1. Graduation credit requirements The minimum graduation credits for the university department of this department are 128 credits, of which 70 credits are required for the department (including 12 required modules), a total of 30 credits are required for the school and the general electives, 23 credits for the major electives, and 5 free electives. credit. The minimum graduation credits for graduate students are 39 credits (including 6 credits for master's thesis), 15 credits for required majors, 12 credits for major electives, and 6 credits for free electives. Detailed table 2-1-1 (p.70).

2. Undergraduate professional module course system, students must complete at least one module compulsory course (4 courses, 12 credits) of "Accounting", "Tax Law" or "Accounting Information" before they can graduate.

3. Professional internships and graduation topics and service learning are required. The department has set the "Professional Internship" course as a compulsory 4-credit course since the 98th academic year. Students must go outside the school during the summer of their sophomore or junior or senior year The intern manufacturer undertakes a two-month professional internship. In addition, the "Graduation Topics and Service Learning" course has been a compulsory 3-credit course since the 99th school year to cultivate students' comprehensive application, teamwork and problem-solving skills.

4. Master's degree thesis publication threshold. Graduate students' thesis must meet the publication threshold before they can obtain graduation qualifications. However, if they pass 3 subjects in the accountancy profession, they can be exempted from the thesis publication procedure.

5. The certificate graduation threshold. Graduates of the department must obtain a total of 80 certificates and certificates to pass, and graduate students must have a cumulative total of 100 points to pass. In addition to the requirements for the number of licenses, the department also has the following regulations on the quality of the licenses obtained by students.