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University Study Guide

The department of Accounting was established in 1985. It mainly cultivates accounting talents with professional skills, professional ethics, professionalism, international vision and lifelong learning. After considering students’ learning needs and graduation prospects, the department plans the courses into "accounting modules", The three modules of "Tax Law Module" and "Accounting Information Module". Such a variety of course module designs can not only meet the needs of basic accounting and auditors, but also encourage students who choose each module to take other courses. Module course. The department also actively promotes students to obtain profesnd English sional licenses alicenses, which are regarded as one of the thresholds for graduation, and then through the curriculum planning of "professional internship", "enterprise internship (1)" and "enterprise internship (2)" to establish student majors Accomplishment and provide experience close to the workplace, so that students can enter and adapt to the workplace as soon as possible in the future.

In order to enable students to fully grasp the current compulsory and elective courses of the department, and the interactive relationship with career planning, a special course learning map is designed for students of this department, and students are expected to use them in course learning and career planning to understand their own learning Needs, plan career direction, and inspire related development potential.