The Department of Accounting was established and started to recruit students of two-year bachelor program in 1996. The department has continually expanded with the opening of the four-year bachelor program in 1997, the evening division of two-year bachelor program in 1998 and four-year bachelor in 1999, and the Graduate Institute of Accounting in 2002. The 2-year bachelor program in both day and evening division stopped recruiting students in 1996 and 2008, respectively.

Currently, there are 12 classes in the department and 2 in master program, with enrollment of approximately 680 students.

Vision:A quality Department of Accounting cultivating the professions in accounting, taxation, law and information system in Taiwan.

mission:To cultivate the professions in accounting with the abilities of high skills, professinal ethics, attitudes towards work,  global visions, and lifelong learning

core value:Cross-Border Integration, Ethics Education, Professional Training


Accountant soft power:

(1) Innovation 

(2) Fervency 

(3) Responsibility 

(4) Sustainability  


Accountant hard power

(1) Information technology application 

(2) Financial report analysis 

(3) Regulation familiarization

(4) Skill enhancement


The Logo of Department